Can we really make prints anywhere we want?

A) Absolutely. But we do not guarantee the quality of other labs. 


Can we still order prints from you?

A) Of course. We use an awesome professional lab that produces amazing prints.


Are the photos on my DVD going to be edited?

A) Yes.  They will be color corrected and basic retouching will  be made. Ready to print for up to 8" x 10" or 8" x 12" size.. They are NOT straight out of the camera files. And since DVDs are getting obsolete, we are giving away usb flash drive. 


Does it mean I own the copyright for my photos?

A) Not exactly. What we give you is a license to print your photos anywhere. Studio 9 Photography retains copyright to all photos. Your license does not include permission to sell, modify or enter your photos into any contest.


Can I drop a few hours from my package to save some cash?

A) Yes, you can drop hours, but it won't save you that much. We rarely accept bookings for less than 6 hours on Saturdays. but if you're getting married or having an event on an off-day and are only looking for a few hours, email us for a custom quote. We will try to meet your specific needs.


Do you mind if our family members take photos at the wedding, reception and studio?

A) Of course not. But there is an exception on studio shots, We do not allow cameras or phone camera during the session.


What if our reception runs later than we expected? Can you stay till the eery end to capture our grand exit?

A) Of course we can. If we stay more than 30 minutes late, though, you will be billed for overtime and no proofs will be posted until the overtime has been paid in full. Our hourly rate for overtime is the same as our prepaid rate for extra hours ($250 per hour).


Do you charge tax?

A) Yes, we do. We have to pay Uncle Sam 9% rate for Los Angeles County.


We definitely want to book you. What's the next step?

A) To officially book us, you'll need to sign a contract along with your retainer (30% of your collection price). Then you are on our calendar in permanent marker.


Can we make monthly payments?

A) Definitely. Let us know when you book that you would like to set up a monthly payment plan and we'll hook you up.


When is our remaining balance due?

A) Your remaining balance is due 30 days before your booking date. A reminder will be sent out via email to help keep you on track. If your final payment is late, 

a late fee will be charges, so mark your calendar. 


Can I Pay with a credit card?

A) Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover.


Who do I make checks out to?

A) Studio 9 Photography. Mail it to: 1313 N Grand Ave #323  Walnut, Ca.  91789  $25 fee for returned check.